What is the concept of AudioTouch project?

In the audiovisual field, the current trend is to provide devices 'all in one' at low price; The result is the profusion of products 'low-cost' mass produced, often in Asia, offered by more and more manufacturers even those 'historic' ...
Based on this observation of this race to the bottom (which leads to devices 'disposable') AudioTouch wishes to propose an alternative way more artisanal with 'premium' products built to last: of traditional construction, they are 100% repairable and customable...
Also, by taking into account at the stage of study the environmental aspects of sustainable development, AudioTouch has an eco-design approach.
In addition, focusing on local partners AudioTouch reduces its carbon footprint...

What is eco-design?

The eco-design approach begins with a reflection on the function of a product, in order to define 'what we want'. What is the product, what are we waiting for exactly? The job is then to achieve this goal, that is to say, to fulfill this function, while reducing the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle.
Our eco-friendly design includes several aspects:
- our units are equipped with modern components but usual (no obsolescence)
- they include a reparable and upgradeable technology
- they have a low power consumption (LED display, multiplexed).

Is it really "Made in France"?

Yes. Everything is designed and made in France, in the Montpellier region precisely.
For example, the wiring is done in a workshop specializing in aerospace...

What is "an@touch" ?

It is an exclusive ergonomic user interface (patent pending) that allows direct display of all parameters and their settings.
It helps to release the technical constraints and focus on artistic part, and so be more creative...
"Forever forget recall-sheets!"

What is the principle of use?

Each function has a number of parameters whose value is indicated by the position of the LED on the ring (as an arrow on a button).
To change the value of a parameter, simply press the associated button to select: the rotary encoder illuminates and allows changing this value.
This device also allows storage and recall of memories. There is a permanent conservation of settings even when the unit is unplugged.
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